Directional Drilling


Trenchless technology involves the rehabilitation of existing underground utilities such as water, sewer, storm, gas and electrical conduits as well as the installation of new underground infrastructures. The technology uses methods that minimise the construction impacts normally associated with the conventional open cut construction methods.


O'Connor Utilities Limited provide a design service for all new drill locations, the design will assess the ground conditions and confirm the feasibility of the proposed drill whilst taking into account any environmental impact.


We have completed many projects employing trenchless technology. Always at the forefront of technological development, we have been commended for innovation in our project work.


Trenchless Technology Services:

•Pipe bursting Micro-tunnelling

•Pipe ramming

•Pipe jacking

•Pipe rehabilitation, lining etc.

•Timber heading

•Shaft Construction



The benefits of trenchless technology are significant over the use of standard open cut techniques, these include:

•There is a reduced impact on the environment resulting from less surface disruption minimising the use of aggregates for pipe support and backfilling as well as reducing the amount of site waste.

•There is the potential for minimising the impact on customers and business by using less intrusive techniques

•Minimising or removal of impacts in sensitive sites such as areas of national or scientific importance.

•Site safety is more effectively managed as the actual worksite is vastly reduced.

•Improved risk management with reduced exposure to normal construction risks

•Minimising excavations improves the long term sustainability of the surrounding area or pavement.

•The methodology minimises noise impact and construction traffic, which are deemed to be causes for common complaint.

•Costs can be substantially reduced where existing services are present or where deep excavations are required


Our current portfolio of in-house Rigs:

•1 x 15 tonne rig – up to 200mm ducts over 250m

•2 x 20 tonne rigs – up to 200mm ducts over 350m

•1 x 30 tonne rig – up to 200mm ducts over 400m or 355mm pipelines over 100m

•1 x 40 tonne rig – up to 200mm ducts over 600m or 400mm pipelines over 300m

•1 x 45 tonne rig - up to 200mmducts over 900m or 600mm pipelines over 500m

•1 x 110 tonne rig - up to 200mm ducts over 1,400m or 900mm pipelines over 700m

•1 x 400 tonne rig – up to 200mm plus Ducts for pipelines 2000m




Directional Drilling Case Studies

O'Connor Utilities Purchase the most powerful drilling rig in the UK


On January 31, 2014 Tim O´Connor received the key for the new drilling rig at Prime Drilling in Olpe, Germany. With the PD 400/150 RP-C machine, the line construction company O´Connor Utilities now possesses the most powerful Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig in the United Kingdom. (Read More)

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